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  • Virgin Coconut Oil vs. Refined Coconut Oil

  • Holistic Intervention vs. Medical Intervention

  • Body by Ruah Creator Stephanie Wild Shares How Natural Products Saved Her Life & Launched Her Business

    For Stephanie Wild, it was a benign tumor that helped launch her business. When the Nashville, Tennessee, native was diagnosed, she began to obsessively research healthier options for food and skincare choices, knowing that what you put in and on your body has a major effect on your health. Out of this experience, Body by Ruah was born.
  • I Still Cry Sometimes...

    It finally clicked. I was that weirdo that everyone talks about with the conspiracy theories and wears a foil cap. I was the outsider looking into a club I had no business being in so I left and I have never returned. I could have stopped there and just gave up on my search, but I told myself that I’d show her, I’d show all of them, and the woman who had been messaging me wished me luck. I continued on my journey and today I sit here writing you this, symptom free. However, for some reason, I still hear her words in my head and it makes me sad. I even still feel like an outcast. Sometimes I am afraid to share my story because I don’t believe anyone will even believe me, but I can’t afford to hold on to fear. I know someone out there needs to hear this, they need to see this, they are looking for freedom and there is freedom, I found it and I want everyone to find it. I want to tell that lady who gave me the fuel to get to where I am now, thank you for putting me in my place. I like it here.
  • The Woes of Switching from Commercial Deodorant...

    The Woes of Switching to Natural Deodorant...

    Let’s get real. Switching to natural deodorant is no joke.
    Like, really, for weeks I was not laughing. I was depressed—because my pits hurt and I stunk.

    When I asked around, hoping to receive feedback, some of my friends claimed to be having no issues, but others told me they were experiencing similar symptoms. As I searched through blogs I found odor was a normal part of the detox process.

    Think of it this way: after years of using industry standard deodorant, my days in scented heaven had come to a screeching halt and toxins began to purge itself out of my body in the most dreadful way! Many times I thought, If I just use the store brand just this once, it will be okay, but I knew it would mess up the process of fully ridding myself of the mess I had been placing on my body for years. I had to either get through this or give up, and giving up was not for me.
  • How Deodorant and a Fibroid Changed My life (Part 1)

    March 2016, I found myself in the ER due to Menorrhagia (excessive bleeding). I had never experienced anything like it before and did not think it was anything too serious, but I was wrong. Three doctor visits later, another ER visit and over $2,000 in medical bills, I found myself living with a benign tumor, the more familiar name is Uterine Fibroid. This lead me on a journey to figure out exactly what it meant to have a fibroid and that journey turned into a life altering experience.
  • BETRAYAL (Part 2)

    I got the news over the phone in my dear friend Rūt's living room. The voice on the other end of the phone explained to me my condition in less than two minutes, as if it was no big deal. The only words I could remember hearing the caller say were tumor, fibroid, and biopsy.
  • CRASH (Part 3) 😜 Caution: More girly details than you might want to know!

    I began battling this disease not very well, I have to add. I was sad all the time, weak and in pain. I was on two different medications, one to put iron back into my body and the other to control my menorrhagia. I was going through multiple packs of pads a week...MULTIPLE. My co-pays for my doctor's appointments were between $100-$300.
  • The Rabbit Hole (Part 4)

    ....Research shows that over 90% of women who are newly diagnosed with fibroids will seek medical or surgical treatment for the condition within a year of the diagnosis. In 2000, more than 250,000 hospital admissions were related to uterine fibroids. Every year, fibroids lead to more than 200,000 hysterectomies.