Holistic Intervention vs. Medical Intervention

 I’ve been on this journey to heal myself of a tumor through natural ways instead of taking the route of medical intervention. This route has been very successful for me and many other individuals who have chosen to do the same. Although their success and mine are a fact, we are still a minority in a world obsessed with medicine.

Not the medicine that our ancestors have used way before us, but the medicine that has been cooked up in labs by scientist and approved by doctors. Don’t get me wrong there are amazing medications on the market that truly have aided in the healing of many. But why not test all or even look at all routes to your health? It is after all YOUR health.  

Disclaimer, before I continue: These are strictly my thoughts and opinions. 

Now, let’s get straight to the point. There is a serious lean for women who are suffering from uterine health issues to get surgery. It’s glorified, really. When I see stories of women who have overcome uterine issues, it’s always after multiply surgeries, and they have had several tumors removed. Although, I feel these women are incredibly brave. Where are the women’s stories who chose to step away from modern medicine, trust that their body can heal with the help of mother earth, the God that created her, and the support of her family. Where is the story of the women who stop eating foods that contribute to bad health, who stopped putting products on her body that have no benefit for her, but cause issues that lead down the path to modern medicine. Where is her story, where is her glory? 

There is incredible strength in a human being who chose to walk away from the status quo, and chose another route. To trust the unknown, and have faith so blind that it actual healed you. Where is she? She is everywhere, she is you and me. Just look in the mirror and find her staring back at you. Look deep inside and allow her to rise to the place she knows she can be.  This is, to me, what control over your healthcare looks like.   

-Stephanie, fouder of Body by Ruah

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