Alpha & Omega (Part 5)

 As I dug deeper into learning about the type of soy that was problematic for my hormones, I began to realize this product was something that appeared in almost all food products we find in our stores.It goes by the name “soy lecithin,” and it is a preservative. This discovery led me to an all-natural diet, which I currently adhere to by only buying products with five or less ingredients on the back—all of which I must understand.Adhering to a natural diet, coupled with many servings of vegetables and fruit smoothies in the morning, and a dropper full of Chastetree in 2 oz of water, meant that I have never seen another doctor or ER room since.Along with changing what I put on the inside of my body, I also changed what I was putting on the outside, including shampoos, lotions, deodorant, and soap. I no longer wanted to put myself at risk for any other adverse issues.I have become an anomaly among thousands, the one who chose to seek faith and hope instead of tragedy and failure. I refused to become a statistic/ Instead, I overcame.I immediately knew I had to share my knowledge with other women, but I needed a creative way to do it. So I decided I start making my own natural products, and buying products that do not have chemicals in them.I decided to start a nonprofit that engages with women about how to live healthy lives, and to not become or stay a statistic. That company is called Natural Justice.I asked Rūt if she would be willing to accompany me on this journey by becoming my business partner, and together we formed a sister company called WildRūt (pronounced Root). This experience has been a bumpy road that I had never thought I would find myself on, but at the end of it, I am glad I did, because now I get to help other people, and to fulfill a passion I never knew I had: living healthy, and teaching others how to do the same. 

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