CRASH (Part 3) 😜 Caution: More girly details than you might want to know!

CRASH (Part 3)

I began battling this disease not very well, I have to add. I was sad all the time, weak and in pain. I was on two different medications, one to put iron back into my body and the other to control my menorrhagia. I was going through multiple packs of pads a week...MULTIPLE. My co-pays for my doctor's appointments were between $100-$300. I was losing my mind and I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t getting any real answers or a solution on how to actually deal with the disease, or knowledge of where it comes from. My boss became concerned because it began affecting my work, some days I had to go home because I couldn’t take the pain. One day I left in tears, so fed up. Not only was I spending lots of money, but now I was losing it too.A month or so went by and the disease became my life. I was sick of it. On one of my worst days, I got in my car and headed to the doctor’s office because I needed something to give. It was raining pretty hard that day and I drove through a neighborhood I always drive through. As I crossed a four way street, a car ran a stop sign and hit me; it swung my car in a 360 turn, I slowly pulled my head up, slightly confused by what just happened.  I saw the car drive off, I tried to start my car and drive after him, but my car wouldn’t move. I just gave up and slumped over.A little lady ran out of her home to my car to ask if I was OK and she said she would call the police. Then she got in her car and tried to find the guy that hit me, but he was long gone. I sat there numb, I wasn’t even mad, I was just numb and tired. As I spoke with the insurance lady on the phone I began to laugh because my life was so insane, and the hit and run accident just topped the cake! She thought I was crazy, which I definitely was at that point. As I sat there and waited for the cops, I began to speak my Elohim, and I felt Him say to me, in every fiber of my bones, “not only will I supply the solutions for you, but for everyone around you. You can either continue going to doctors, who will continue to give you no solutions, or you can trust Me.” The cop arrived and my car was towed away. I got a rental car within the hour and I was on my way to work, not the doctor’s (to be continued)

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