How Deodorant and a Fibroid Changed My life (Part 1)

 March 2016, I found myself in the ER due to Menorrhagia (excessive bleeding). I had never experienced anything like it before and did not think it was anything too serious, but I was wrong. Three doctor visits later, another ER visit and over $2,000 in medical bills, I found myself living with a benign tumor, the more familiar name is Uterine Fibroid. This lead me on a journey to figure out exactly what it meant to have a fibroid and that journey turned into a life altering experience. The last doctor I saw, explained to me that having a fibroid my size was no big deal and to just get on birth control to manage my Menorrhagia which lead to me developing anemia. The last thing I wanted to do was get back on birth control, a hormone that can cause just as much damage to a woman’s body as I was experiencing. At this point, I was tired and so was my body; I felt there had to be a better way (to be continued).  

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