The Rabbit Hole (Part 4)

 As I began to research, I found out most women choose surgery as their option to deal with fibroids:  

 ....Research shows that over 90% of women who are newly diagnosed with fibroids will seek medical or surgical treatment for the condition within a year of the diagnosis. In 2000, more than 250,000 hospital admissions were related to uterine fibroids. Every year, fibroids lead to more than 200,000 hysterectomies.[i]   

This DISEASE has left so many women unable to carry children ever again. TWO HUNDERED THOUSAND A YEAR. I wanted to have children and I believed my Heavenly Father promised me that I would, so I knew that a hysterectomy was not for me. I continued my research which lead me to something called estrogen, a hormone that exists in large quantities in the female body, and if it gets unbalanced adverse things can happen. Our faces for instance, may break out if our estrogen level is off, but something else stood out much more as I began to look further into how estrogen operates in the body and how it directly affected my fibroid. Research conclusively states that when there is too much estrogen in the body fibroids tend to grow and multiply.    

About a year or so before I was diagnosed, I was on a birth control called Depo Provera to eliminate my menstrual cycle due to so much pain from it for years. In order to stop the cycle, Depo Provera causes the estrogen in the body to decrease and the progesterone to increase which is a hormone primarily present when a woman is pregnant; this cause and effect tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant and stops the menstrual cycle. Sitting back to think, I had a Eureka moment! Once the body is taken off of Depo Provera, there may be a period where it has to overcompensate for the lack of estrogen it has not been producing therefore over producing and causing adverse effects like a benign tumor to begin growing in the body.   

Although I had no medical evidence to back this up, I stepped out on faith with this new information to find ways to heal myself. I started to look at natural health blogs and joined groups of women suffering from this, and began to see threads of the same information about how to heal fibroids the natural way. The basis to all of those articles and videos I found was to have balanced hormones. Once again, I was brought back to my hormones. With this realization, I began to seek out natural remedies. Two things were found: a natural supplement called Chastetree[ii] and removing soy from my diet. Chastetree was the easy part as it was just $12 at the store and I only had to take it once a day for about two weeks. The hard part was…SOY (to be continued).

[i] [ii] a plant, turned into liquid that increases progesterone, and balances out your estrogen levels naturally 

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