The Woes of Switching from Commercial Deodorant...

 Let’s get real. Switching from commercial deodorant is no joke. Like, really, for weeks I was not laughing. I was depressed—because my pits hurt and I stunk.  When I asked around, hoping to receive feedback, some of my friends claimed to be having no issues, but others told me they were experiencing similar symptoms. As I searched through articles and immersed myself in research I found odor was a normal part of switching from commercial deodorant.   

Think of it this way: after years of using industry standard deodorant, my days in scented heaven had come to a screeching halt and toxins began to purge itself out of my body in the most dreadful way! Many times, I thought, If I just use the store brand just this once, it will be okay, but I knew it would mess up the process of fully ridding myself of the mess I had been placing on my body for years. I had to either get through this or give up, and giving up was not for me.  So, in spite of everything, I moved full speed ahead. No matter how much deodorant I put on, I still reeked. I read many blogs that explained the detox process should only last about two weeks—but my two weeks turned into almost two months…liars I screamed! I had to do something, so I started to look for ways to help the process along. I tried lemon under my armpits, just baking soda, but either did not really work for me. Finally, I came upon something called bentonite clay which is a clay formed by the decomposition of volcanic ash that swells as it absorbs water. Research states: “It cannot be absorbed by the body. It is a substance that naturally absorbs toxins, yet does not get absorbed itself.” True to form, I found that combining it with water and placing it on my skin pulls out the junk I don’t want or need in my body, helping to move my detox process along.    After making this new and surprising discovery I looked for other ways to use bentonite clay. I learned that adding it to natural deodorants can help eliminate body odor and that is the story of how it ended up being one of our main ingredients!   

Now, fast forward to the present day, I no longer stink even if I skip a day of putting on deodorant. I also can now use lemon as an alternative! As embarrassing as this process was, it was so worth it—and those who were true friends stayed by their smelly friend’s side. So, if this sounds familiar and you are currently experiencing that awful smelly detox phase, keep going, trust me, it is well worth it!  

No matter which stage of the process you are currently in, remember this: it’s okay to sweat! You are supposed to the body was created perfectly just the way it is and everything occurs for a good reason. Sweat is your friend. It helps to release toxins that should not be in your body. When you are detoxing, the sweat coming out may give you problems because everything your body has been holding in from you using antiperspirant will be released along with your sweat… so stay strong, and know that you will get through this. 

Eventually, your body will start to balance itself out and you won’t sweat as much. Just drink lots of water, preferably with lemon, and a healthy, low fat, high veggie diet! Also, take long walks, your body needs to sweat! 

Embrace the healthy life today!   

Stephanie Wild Owner of Ruah  

Ruah + Body = Life  

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